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What does a chili cook, a concerned neighbor, a florist in Cincinnati and an unemployed man waxing his car on a Saturday afternoon all have in common? They were each used by the Lord as His earthly instruments to help see a hurting man come to Christ and his marriage restored in "The Saved Seat", a fictional example of the very real way that God heals hurting marriages every day.

In this book you will read the story of the Sam Sullivan family of Fort Lauderdale. Sam, although a good man, did not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and so he could not lead his wife and three children as a Christian husband and father. He had no compass to guide him when the spiritual storms struck. Sam will tell you in this story that his priorities had been out of order for most of his life.

God allowed one thing after another to be removed from Sam’s life to get his attention. Finally, when Sam had nothing left, he turned to Jesus Christ.

You may cry through a few of the 288 pages, as each of the Sullivans suffer the consequences of marriage interruption that far too many people know so well. Yes, you may cry, but that is only in preparation of your rejoicing as each of the Sullivans come to Christ, and are fully restored as a Christian family. "The Saved Seat" is a book that will bless and encourage you.

Also available immediately as a downloadable eBook by clicking this link:

Here's what people have said about "The Saved Seat:"

"I have been reading 'The Saved Seat.' I only put it down to cry or laugh or pray. It is so very much my situation. God Bless you both for writing this wonderful story." (Florida)

"Thank you for being used to write 'The Saved Seat.' Since my stand I have kept my wedding band on my finger and saved a seat for my spouse. Two years later I read this book and it challenged me all the more." (Pennsylvania)

"I read your book 'The Saved Seat' in one day. It was such a blessing. I cried through it because I save a seat for my spouse in church. He did come one Sunday for our granddaughter’s dedication. Thank you for writing such an encouraging book." (Pennsylvania)
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Rating Fantastic
  This book is very encouraging. When you are standing sometimes it can be overwhelming. We are either praying, learning something new through reading or studying. I wanted to read a clean book that would encourage me but one that I didn't have to focus on too much. I hope that makes sense. It did provide some great insights and it gave me a different point of view for both sides. Most of all it showed me that unbeknownst to me God is THE MASTER MANIPULATOR. For me to keep doing what I am doing. He doesn't need my help outside of me living right, loving right and praying right. That was very encouraging to me. He has this!!! Keep standing no matter how it looks! Thank you!!!
  Reviewed by:  Melanie from Maryland . on 3/4/2020
Rating The Saved Seat
  Really good book. Just shows what can happen if spouses will listen to God’s blessed guidance. I pray that all exes and prodigals will open up their hearts and minds and let him in
  Reviewed by:  Kendra McBeth from Tarrs . on 2/29/2020
Rating Good Read!
  This is a good read on marriage restoration and what could happen in our lives when we put Jesus at the center. It also shows how life can go so far off track from our intended course if we do not guard against it. It is a good read. I'm going to send a copy to a friend.
  Reviewed by:  Mrs. B from Dallas, TX. on 5/10/2019
Rating So good ??
  Really loved this book. I loved how the characters trusted God and lived as if their spouses were already home. I also loved how they did not try to bring the spouses home but allowed God to set everything up in HIS perfect timing. I see that in my own life. Some of the things he has done to get my husband’s attention and to bring him back to me have been really awesome. Forever thankful to my God who truly can and does do the impossible. ????????
  Reviewed by:  A. Jones from Birmingham . on 3/16/2019
Rating Mrs.
  This is the first book that I’ve read all the way through in a long time. It was sooo good! I could hardly put it down! Very relatable. The part that I loved most was that because it was so relatable and packed with wisdom, the Lord used several scenes from this book to help me rethink some of my former and current actions in regards to my marriage. To the world, I am considered divorced, but this book gave me encouragement in the Lord that in spite of what it looks like and sometimes feels like, when we put God First and choose to trust in Him, He always, Always works all things together for our good! We’ve just got to trust the process!
  Reviewed by:  Jeremiah33 from Florida. on 7/26/2018
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