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"Zip the Lips" has almost become Charlyne's trademarked advice to standers. What are you speaking each day? Does your husband or wife just push your buttons to start screaming and make you sound like you are not even a Christian? Do you sound like you are praying for your spouse to come home? In this teaching, Charlyne shares about the words a stander needs to be using in their relationships with not only a spouse, but with others as well. Do you have trouble with your tongue? This teaching will really help you! What are you speaking every day?

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Rating Zip the lips
  Amazing! I am so thankful to God for bribing me to this website and teaching. I've tried so hard be the Holy Spirit for my husband that I've been in the way. My fault was not with mean words but just trying to lead instead of letting go. My husband is a deacon and has been to a seminary. He knows the truth. I just need to let go and only speak encouragement as a wife and not a spiritual leader. After receiving this one teaching, I ordered five more because this one was so good. The encouragement to my broken heart is priceless.
  Reviewed by:  Diane from Texas. on 4/10/2017
Rating Zip my lips Lord!
  I've been "standing" by myself if you will for almost 2 years now. I KNEW the Lord said He was going to restore my marriage. Hard to find people that would agree with me in prayer due to the fallacy of "freewill." I fell upon RMM just recently and God has now given me solid hope that I am not alone. I was feeling pretty alone. I just listened to Zip My Lips this morning and the "roller coaster" mouth stops today! I have been pretty double-minded the last 2 years with my mouth and we all know that a double minded man is not only unstable but will receive nothing! My mouth has been a huge hindrance along with my emotions. Having repented with a guard over my mouth, I am moving forward in victory!!!!! Thank you RMM for that "reminder." I was justifying myself because I was hurting etc.... ONWARD I go!
  Reviewed by:  Jo from NC. on 3/17/2017
Rating Mr.
  I'very come to find all of Charlyne's advice invaluable; this CD is no different. Letting God work without your mouth running interference is pure gold that I might never have known without her. God bless her, and whoever is struggling out there.
  Reviewed by:  Alex from Gulfport. on 11/3/2016
Rating what are you speaking? zip the lips
  I knew that I said things I should not have, I needed to be a little more quiet to pray and ask God's guidance but I felt I needed to stand up and make my husband listen but that doesn't work. Zipping the lips is better all around not just to keep anger or fights at bay but also for myself to realize that God is in control and not me. The book What Are You Speaking? Zip the lips answers my question on why I needed to be quiet and listen to God, its a very good book to help heal the heart in a trying time.
  Reviewed by:  linda jackson from virginia beach. on 10/29/2016
Rating Zip my lips
  I really enjoyed this CD I can truly say this is something that I struggled with, my spouse of 25 years is seeing a OW so I was so hurt and angry and I didn't realize I was making things worse. I remember Bob saying that our prodigal spouse knows all the hurt they have caused so we don't need to tell them.
  Reviewed by:  Tracie from California . on 10/15/2016
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