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Bob and Charlyne were divorced after 19 years of marriage. Their three children became victims of a broken home as Bob became a prodigal spouse and left for the far country. Neither of the Steinkamps realized that Satan desires to break up families and destroy marriages.

Charlyne searched the scriptures and discovered that God hates divorce. She found that our Lord Jesus Christ restores and rebuilds marriages, when a mate will love the prodigal unconditionally, as Christ loves us. Charlyne committed herself to a sacrificial stand for the restoration of their marriage. To the glory of God, they were remarried to each other on July 7, 1987.

Today, God allows the Steinkamps to minister His love, forgiveness, and restoration to others with broken marriages. A newsletter is distributed nationwide. Charlyne Cares, a daily devotional, is sent free of charge by email to thousands of subscribers worldwide who are standing for God's restoration of their marriages. They desire to be an encouragement as you stand for the healing of your marriage.

During the last twenty years of marriage ministry, the question Bob has been asked most often has been, "What is it like for my prodigal spouse?" In The Prodigal's Perspective, Bob gives answers from his heart to dozens of questions that are on the hearts of men and women standing with God for marriage restoration.

If you are seeking marriage restoration, you will be grateful for this book. If you are a prodigal, you will be amazed that other men and women have been right where you are today. Both prodigals and standers will rejoice that our Lord God can make a way out of the "far country."


This book is very encouraging. Please read it and you won't regret it. (Illinois)
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Rating A must read for understanding what your prodigal is experiencing
  I read this book in one sitting. I literally had a highlighter out and marked points in the book that I needed to hear/understand to not give up hope. I go back and read those points constantly. This book has helped me understand my husband so much and has helped me to not lose hope when he says and does very hurtful and discouraging things. It also helps me understand what I need to pray for. If you need encouragement, understanding, or are just plain baffled and confused by your prodigal spouse's words and actions - this book is the one to read! It is such a Godsend!
  Reviewed by:  LilShortRib from Texas. on 11/4/2017
Rating The Prodigal's Perspective
  Great book. Brought a lot of insight into what a prodigal is thinking and going through. I even gave it to my prodigal husband to read and he said several points brought him to tears.
  Reviewed by:  Chris from Virginia. on 4/20/2017
Rating The Prodigals perspective
  This book is amazing. Ive read and then re-read this book. Ive book marked so many pages. This has helped me with my stand giving me an insight on my husbands way of living and since reading this book, there has been changes within me and with my husband. Thank you Bob for writing this fantastic book it has blessed my life and my stand in so many ways.
  Reviewed by:  Nicola from Australia . on 12/26/2016
Rating Mrs.
  I was given this book by my pastor to read, I felt the call to be STILL in the circumstances that was going on in my marriage, he recommended that I read this book he said it sounds a lot like what this couple had went through.... So as I read the book I could feel God speaking through the words, guiding me to understand the call that he has placed on me for my marriage as a stander to fight for my prodigal.... I can't begin to tell you how this book helped open my eye to What God's intentions are for marriage... the resources in this book are numerous, with the scripture,openness and honesty, I felt like I understood now what God was asking me to do and what it looked like to do it... This Ministry is a blessing!!! I would and have recommended this book to many, I have also bought multiple copies and gave them to my pastor to hand out to anyone in the future that may be called to stand with God and fight .......In His time my prodigal will come home!
  Reviewed by:  Cheryl from Flint MI. on 11/2/2016
  I am standing for the restoration of my marriage after my wife of 22 years separated from me 6 months ago. She took our children and I am rarely allowed to see them. This book provides valuable and encouraging insights into the thoughts of the prodigal. It allowed me to see things from their perspective, how hard they find it to prevent thoughts (both good and bad) of their sole mate entering their mind. If I continue to show God's love to my prodigal wife and pray for our restoration (which is unequivocally God's will) then I suspect she will wonder what has changed in me and God will continue to convict, chastise, admonish, love, and soften both our hearts to the point that one day His will shall be accomplished and she will return. The biggest practical lessons I have learned while standing for God's best is that: 1. Restoration takes time as God knows best what He wants to achieve in that period (I originally thought she would be back in a matter of weeks !). 2. Trusting God for my day to day emotional needs arising from having my family disappear one day without warning, creates a dependence on Him that I never knew before. God wants to foster this dependence for both the bad and good times in my life.
  Reviewed by:  Peter from Australia. on 10/21/2016
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