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Rating The Ministry
  I was called at work by a stranger on March 12, 2013. He told me that God restored his marriage. I said "We need to talk". My life has been forever changed. He told me about this ministry and about the devotionals. He told me to put my ring back on and about zipping my lipsI have received the deovotionals, since that day, and read them all. I keep them on my computer, so that I can go back to them sometimes. They are so encouraging. I have gone through doubting periods of giving up, but I am always drawn back to praying for my marriage. I have many of the CDs. I attended a seminar in Ohio a few years ago too - 2013 I think! I try to give each year to support this ministry, It may not be much, but I really appreciate all that you do for us! It keeps us going, when times get tough. Your example and my now friend and his wife, who called me (God moment for sure) keep me going, because I know that Nothing is impossible with God. Thank you for all that you do!!! Monica
  Reviewed by:  Monica Massey from Tennessee. on 9/23/2016
Rating Mrs
  This ministry has been such a blessing to me since I found it online 14 months into my 21 month stand. It has not only increased my faith and helped me not to focus on my prodigal and instead of God, it has always taught me the joy of praying for other standers. I have been left to pay for my home and repairs. ..God has provided for me in every way. I wish I could give more than what I can.
  Reviewed by:  Tiffany R Hungerford from Rittman. on 9/20/2016
Rating Mr.
  I have been standing for over four years. I came across this site back in April and it has been a Wonderful Blessing and Inspiration to me. With GOD'S Strength I will never give up.
  Reviewed by:  Don from Lansing. on 9/3/2016
Rating God bless RMM
  It has been nearly 2 years that God lead me to your site and blessed me abundantly... with words of life, hope and encouragement. From books, to your radio program to testimonies each week.... I can never thank you enough!! Thank you RMM for shining so bright during some very dark trials in my life these last couple of years! May God bless you all at RMM! As this world gets darker and darker we who are in Christ SHINE brighter and brighter! :-)
  Reviewed by:  Tania from Australia. on 8/30/2016
Rating Thank you
  Thank you for helping me grow so much in the Lord as I wait for my husband to return. Sowing this seed into your ministry has been a privilege and I honour you all and God by being faithful in sowing into His work.
  Reviewed by:  Nameeta from Australia. on 8/16/2016
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