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Rating Thankful
  I just wanna thank God for putting it in Charlene's heart to start this ministry. The strength and reindeer hope I get by reading all the testimonies and the "suddenly" that God has and keeps blessing everyone with, I feel amazing. Days do get hard, I still get the enemies whispers but I refuse to allow them to make me react in a manner not pleasing to God. I appreciate and pray for us all daily!! I have to shut out the world most of the week by blocking incoming calls and deactivating social media because on my hard days I don't wanna hear anyones advice, opinion, or view about me standing, why I'm standing?, I should just move on, and so on and so on...I have started to just go straight to God with all my burdens and it's much better to deal with and continue to stand firm...God bless us all!! And double blessings for the prodigals that did return home..Don't stop praying pray harder and longer!! The enemy is still in attack mode!!! God bless everyone and have a "SUDDENLY" New Years!!!
  Reviewed by:  Lakeya from Staten Island. on 12/27/2016
Rating Thanks
  Thanks to RMM for lifting my spirits and encouraging me to continue standing. When I found RMM I was on my last leg God has been dealing with me to pray for my Pradical and I was getting tired so I googled and found RMM and I knew that Hod wanted me to continue stand so here I am thanks to Charlene and RMM for all your support Hod bless you and am praying with you.
  Reviewed by:  PBC from VA. on 12/26/2016
Rating Thank you for the bottom of my heart
  When God opened my eyes to my own selfishness I went to the Internet and there you were! I know I was led to you and as I follow gods will the encouragement and support I receive from your ministry is endless. Thank you for sharing your life with me in so many ways -forever grateful.
  Reviewed by:  Laurie from New york. on 12/22/2016
Rating ThankYou
  Thank you so much for encouraging words, stories, scripture each day. We standers really need those most days. They can take a stander from a very low place and give them peace, encouragement and hope. I hope to tell the story of my wife returning home and to our marriage some day.
  Reviewed by:  Chad from Greeley, CO. on 12/21/2016
Rating Stander
  Rejoice Marriage Ministries has been wonderful in helping my stand of over a year. The daily devotionals bring encouragement that is needed and it is so wonderful to hear testimonies from other standers around the world. I am so thankful for this ministry and for a fellow stander who introduced me to it. I have also read several of the books and would highly recommend them to any stander. Thank so you much RMM for your ministry, especially in a world where marriage is no longer held sacred.
  Reviewed by:  Jennifer from Hammond, LA. on 11/30/2016
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