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“On the day that I suddenly remarried my wife over 20 years ago, I was in torment, needing a solution and not a sermon. These pages share what I needed to hear on that day.” Bob

In Finding the Way Home, returned prodigal Bob Steinkamp shares how it felt to know in his mind, he should go home to his family, even if his heart was not willing. Bob also shares how your spouse can be reconciled to God. In this process your marriage can be restored to the way God created marriage.

Bob will show you and/or your spouse -
  • That God can heal the past hurts and wounding you or your spouse brought into your marriage that may have contributed to sinful behaviors.
  • How you or your spouse can walk away from a sinful relationship.
  • How you can change your perspective and see your spouse through the eyes of Jesus.
  • The ways you can invest into your marriage to make it what God planned it to be.

A Note from Charlyne –

My prayer is that this book will be read by every stander and their prodigal who has left home. Jesus tells us in 1 Corinthians 10:13 that there is a way of escape. Many prodigals just need to be reminded of that. Ask God to prepare you to be ready for your prodigal’s return. Who else in your life needs to know that they have not gone beyond the reach of our Lord?

Also available immediately as a downloadable eBook by clicking this link:


One Review:

As a prodigal turned stander, this book touched my heart in many ways – and was spot on with the truth about how prodigals struggle despite how the circumstances appear! While out in my wilderness, God very SUDDENLY spoke to me one night as I sat in a bathtub, sick from a night “out” -- and ordered me to GO HOME and RESTORE my marriage and heal my family. Now, I am standing for a spouse who not only divorced me, but is deeply wounded by my actions. Read this book, prodigal or stander...it will open your eyes to many truths and God will use it to deepen your faith in His mighty power to turn even the most stubborn prodigal homeward. God is in control. - Reviewed by:  T from Texas on 4/8/2015

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Rating Finding The Way Home
  The book was very informative giving a look into what the prodgial goes through and the importance of the stander's prayers. Bob was open and honest; I completed the book in two days. I now have a clear perspective on things and feel I can remain firm in my stand.
  Reviewed by:  Jessica from Maryland . on 10/14/2018
Rating Finding the way home
  This book is really Bob's sharing his heart with prodigals and helping to encourage them in that their marriage can be healed. It will take time for the restoration but it can be done doing it God's way. Not so much in this book but I love how Bob gives great insight on what the prodigal is going through emotionally and spiritually and how important the Stander's prayers are for them to return to The Lord, spouse and family. This has greatly encouraged me not to be discouraged when I feel our relationship is getting better and I don't hear from him for days sometimes weeks. I realize how prayer plays such an important part in bringing our prodigal home. Thank you RMM!!
  Reviewed by:  gayle Jorgensen from Stittsville Ontario. on 12/6/2017
Rating Finding the way home
  Book was amazing. I bought it as a stander through gods guidance. The book is right to the point very easy to read only took me 3 days. I feel it has equipped me with more detailed information about what is going on in the far country with my prodigal spouse. And also what they will be facing when they return home. I loved the book and I am so excited for the day my lord guides me to the handbook over to my prodigal. I recommend the book to sanders especially when your feeling your suddenly is right around the corner
  Reviewed by:  Shalice west from Tacoma wa. on 9/15/2017
Rating Knowledge Adding
  As a stander, I found reading this book extremely informative. It provides a great prospective of what our prodigals are thinking. I pray someday my wife finds it and it helps her path home.
  Reviewed by:  NIKOLAUS S BUSCH from Kansas City, MO. on 6/21/2017
Rating Mrs.
  This book was a wonderful read, as everything I have received from RMM. I am a stander waiting for my husband to return from the OW. I enjoy Bob's books so much, showing me what goes through the prodigals mind. REST IN PEACE BOB. God has blessed me with so many signs that my marriage will be restored. I thank RMM for showing us hurting marriages can be restored, no matter what this world believes. Nothing is impossible for God.
  Reviewed by:  Billie Jo Hoerl from Phoenix. on 6/18/2017
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